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【151】Green laser transmitter

Product Name: Green laser transmitter

Brief introduction

This is spare part of laser array and laser harp. The material is aluminium.


Input: 220v switch 12v

Wavelength: Green 532nm

Power: 150mw

12v single green laser transmitter

Prop highlight

1. It is the update version of the old one. It has cooling fan, and high-grade aluminum with speedily heat dissipation.

2. Small volume, expedient installation and easy to operate.

3. The beam is more bright than before. It is widely used in real life room escape game.

Prop list

One Laser transmitter

One 12v power adapter

One bracket


1. Do not view the laser transmitter with your eyes, in order to avoid the injury caused by high power laser beam.

2. It will affect the lifetime of product if used in the environment of high temperature and humidity. Please cut off the power after using it and keep it in a cool dry surrounding.