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【152】 DaVinci code lock


Product name: DaVinci code lock

Brief introduction

Da Vinci code lock is generally used in escape room game. It has classical styling and elegant design. Room owners can hide some clues in the box. Then players should find the password of 6 alphabet letters (from A to Z) to unlock.

About usage

How to revise the password?
1. The default password is ILOVEU. Unlock the password box with this password and remove the key cylinder.

2. Loosen the two screws with a hexagonal screwdriver and take down the ring sleeves one by one. Then align the letters you want to set with the slot.
3. Put the sleeves back one by one, and tighten the screws.


1. Support to change the password.

2. Support to hide some clues.

3. It has classical styling and elegant design.

Prop list

One Da Vinci code lock

A beautiful packaged box

Two little hexagonal screwdriver(Allen key)

Two little spare screws


Basic specification

Color: bronze
material: metal
Size: 15x6cm
Default password: ILOVEU