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【180】Magic mirror-guess passwords series


Product nameMagic mirror-guess passwords series  

Brief introduction

Adventurers will see a normal mirror when they enter the room. They will find how to trigger it through the previous puzzles. After triggering the prop, they will get hidden passwords through the four circular rolling digits.

Details introduction

1. This prop mainly consists of one magic mirror and four building blocks(We take four building blocks for example)

2. Players will see a normal mirror when they enter the room.

3. Players will find a strong magnet object through previous clues. Magnet object is used to trigger the prop. When take the magnet object close to the magnet sensor.The prop will be activated. Players will find four circular rolling digits through the mirror. According to the digits, they will find hidden password clue to go on next step.

4. For example, if the password is 1987.

The first building block shows 234567890234567890... in order circularly.

The second building block shows 012345678012345678...in order circularly.

The third building block shows 901234567901234567...in order circularly.

The fourth building block shows 890123456890123456...in order circularly .

Through the four showing digits,adventurers will find out:

The digits of the first building block do not show 1.

The digits of the second building block do not show 9.

The digits of the third building block do not show 8.

The digits of the fourth building block do not show 7.

So the final password is 1987.

How to reset?

Take the magnet object away from the magnet sensor.

(Sensing range:0-8mm)

Product highlights

1. Support owners to adjust the quality of building blocks.

2. Support owners to set the passwords.(The password only supports digits)

3. Support owners to change the place of building block.

4. Owners can add one building block to add a password or reduce one building block to reduce a password.

Prop list

One mirror(34*44.5cm,acrylic mirror and wooden frame)


One building block controller with N building blocks (N=3~5)


One magnet sensor controller with one magnet sensor


One 12V power supply


Kindly remind

1. The mirror and the building blocks which customer receives are separated, customer can fix building blocks location according to their request.

2. Magic mirror series props are all handcrafted by 1987 studio, it can not avoid having some scratches, but this will not have an influence on the effect of props, when you purchase, please notice this carefully.

How to set the password?

1.Keep holding any black configured button of building block and get 12V power supply on the controller.Then take the magnet object close to magnet sensor to trigger the prop.At this time,the digits will flash. The prop gets into password configuration mode.

2.In the password configuration mode,owners can set password by pressing the configured button.If you want to set 3 as password, you need to press the button and adjust the times, and wait for ten seconds when the building block shows 3. System will save the password automatically, the building block will start to show the passwords.

3.Set other building blocks in the same way.

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