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【183】Kowtow prop


Product name: Kowtow prop

Brief introduction

When player knells on cushion and kowtow to knock sensor for certain times, the 12V EM lock will release with audio. Player also can sit on the cushion and knock the sensor to trigger the prop.

About usage

How to reset?

There are two reset ways. Room owner can revise it via micro SD card in the controller.

Option 1: It will reset automatically in 30 seconds after being triggered successfully.

Option 2: re-power to reset.

How to set the kowtow times?

1. Power off the controller.

2. Keep holding the set button on the controller and get 12v power supply to the controller. Please let go of your hand when you hear prompt tone.

3. Please press the set button to set the kowtow times after the prompt tone. If you want to set kowtow times to 3, you need to press the button 3 times.

4. Please wait for 10 seconds after configuration, system will save the kowtow times automatically.

Warm tip: The kowtow times can be set from 1 to 10.

How to adjust the sensitivity of knock sensor

1. There is a rotary knob on the sensor.


2. Rotating the knob clockwise to increase the sensitivity.

3. Rotating the knob anticlockwise to reduce the sensitivity.

Product highlights

1. Room owner can revise kowtow times.

2. Room owner can change game audio by micro SD in the controller.

3. Room owner can adjust the sensitivity of the knock sensor.

Prop list

One controller

One 12V power supply

One cushion

One knock sensor

How to connect 12V EM lock?

The red wire of the controller should be connected to the red wire of the magnet lock. The black wire of the controller should be connected to the black wire of the magnet lock.


How to change audio files?

Owners can change audio files via SD card in the controller.

Attention: please make a copy of the original sound files in your computer in case of wrong operation.

1.Sound file must be MP3 format. Just changing the suffix of the file directly is invalid.

2.The path cannot be changed, if you revise sound files from 01 folder, then you put it back to 01 folder rather than other folder.

3.File names cannot be changed, keep the file name same as original.

More details, please check the video via this link:


Audio configuration